Why Join


Simply Put, Growth, Success, & Lasting Value

  The need for steady, sustainable, and consistent growth is more important now than ever. The lines between marketing, IT, voice, data, and social media have blurred, changing our customers forever. The question is simple. As providers, do we face these challenges individually or leverage the power of collective experience and knowledge to meet today's challenges head on? That is the focus of the Experience Marketing Association. These core principles guide our association toward the mutual success and growth of its members and the industry as a whole. We invite you to join us today! 

Expand Your Network

  Collaborate with industry professionals ready and willing to help with unique challenges by sharing relevant best practices, common issues and solutions.

Annual Conference

  The highlight of the year is our annual Conference and Expo. Learn, share, meet and grow. Learn about the latest products, services, and applications to enhance and expand your offerings. Educational seminars feature real world case studies, new technologies, products and services, plus key insider information, saving your company valuable time, energy, and effort. 

MARCE Awards

  The MARCE Awards: MARketing & Creative Excellence recognizes the most outstanding solutions from the areas of professional business audio, video, and scent marketing.

Valuable Resources

  Need help? EMA is here. The web site is continuously updated with the latest case studies, white papers, relevant articles, videos, important links, technical support material and more. But that's just the beginning. Reach out to the membership and share your challenge. With a support group of highly qualified professionals, you are sure to find the resources you need to not only compete, but win in today's hyper competitive marketplace.