Legacy Awards


Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor awarded by the Experience Marketing Association. The award recognizes an individual’s outstanding contributions made throughout their career which have served to advance excellence in our profession.

The award recipient must:

  • have made outstanding and ongoing accomplishments to the profession and/or to the EMA over a lengthy period of time in their professional lives.

  • have contributed significantly and consistently to the advancement or recognition of the profession.

  • be recognized as an exceptional leader within the industry.

  • have openly shared valuable experience with EMA members.

  • have been a frequent contributor to the association with one or more of the following: board leadership, conference presentations, webinars, publications or other contributions geared to helping other members achieve business success.

No more than one recipient will be awarded annually. Criteria and choice of recipient is subject to interpretation by the Board of Directors.  Recipient may be nominated by any member and must be approved by the Board of Directors.   


Board Member Award


This honor is awarded to each Board Member at completion of their term and service to thank them and appreciate their time and efforts serving on our Board of Directors.


Chairperson Award

This honor is awarded to each Board Chairperson at the end of their chair term to thank them for Leadership of the Board,  service to our members and guidance for our industry.


Experienced Member Award

This honor is awarded for terms of continuous membership with OHMA/EMA.  This is a celebration of the value of their EMA membership and collaboration in the long-term success of their business.

Bronze: 5 years
Silver: 10 years
Gold: 15 years
Platinum: 20 years
Diamond: 25 years


Ambassador Award

This honor is awarded to a member that represents our association to others selflessly, making a positive impact on our image and opening doors to new opportunities for all members. This may be the result of personal communication, media, trade show attendance, advocacy and more. This award will be suggested by the Chairperson and approved by the Board of Directors.