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By applying for membership, your company and it's representatives accept the terms and conditions of membership to the Experience Marketing Association.


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  Once membership has been reviewed by the Membership Committee and approved by the Board of Directors, your company will be invoiced for the appropriate membership dues.
  Certified Member:
  Certified EMA Members are eligible to use the EMA logo in all marketing materials, to run for Board of Directors elections, as well as attend all open EMA events and webinars.
  Associate Member:
  Associate OHMA Members are eligible to attend all open OHMA events and webinars. Associate OHMA Members may apply for Certified status after 5 years in business or attending 3 consecutive OHMA Conferences.
  Support Services Member:

Individual Members that provide copywriting, voice over services, or other services to support EMA members.

  Vendor Member:
  Members that have an interest in our industry, but that do not exclusively work in the industry. (i.e. – hardware and software manufacturers, insurance companies, leasing companies, etc.)
  Note: The above criteria is for initial membership qualification and must also be maintained to keep membership in good standing.