Our History

In The Beginning...

The Experience Marketing Association (EMA) is made up of former On-Hold Messaging Association (OHMA) members forming to advance the awareness of audio messaging as a viable  marketing tool. The first OHMA conference was held July 13-14, 2001, in West Palm Beach, Florida. At the time, representatives from five on-hold messaging providers and one vendor were in attendance. The primary purpose at inception was to simply share marketing ideas and solutions for various challenges facing on-hold messaging providers. The benefits of membership have continued to expand over time to include education on new technology and introduction to new opportunities in customer experience marketingSince then, membership has expanded across the United States, Canada, England, South Africa, Australia and Singapore. 

 These dedicated professionals who now form the EMA will continue to use on-hold messaging as a core marketing principle while enhancing their efforts through new sight and scent marketing concepts. 

We are a sharing, collaborative group of members that support each other. We have periodic webinars on a variety of topics and an annual conference with guest speakers, educational sessions, and an opportunity for our valued vendors to interact with members and display new products. Since many members have now diversified their service offerings to include sound, sightand scent solutions, the name of our organization has changed to the Experience Marketing Association.

     Inaugural OHMA Meeting 2001