What Is Experience Marketing?

Experiences form the basis of all types of human relationships. They can be overt life-changing incidents or subliminal everyday moments and they can be negative, positive and indifferent. Experience marketing is a convergence of elements specifically designed to make each and every consumer brand touch point a positive one, and it is these micro experiences that ultimately drive brand satisfaction, loyalty and emotional attachment. To do this well, brands need to be fully cognizant of every moment of interaction with their consumers regardless of size or context, especially where brands can have a direct impact on their consumers at a one-to-one level. 
Sound - Conversation is a fundamental element of human interaction and a captive audience provides a perfect opportunity for brands to talk to their consumers one to one. Carefully scripted on-hold and in-store messaging keeps people engaged; personifies the brand; promotes interest and raises awareness.
   Sight - Whether online or in-venue, consumer experiences vary widely from one person to another depending on factors such as time, mood, purpose and demographic. Digital signage, custom video, and other visual elements can have a significant impact on the overall experience.     Scent - This is one of the most powerful human senses, often invoking memories buried deep in the past. Creating positive brand associations through scent engages at a deeply personal and subliminal level. Properly designed and deployed commercial scent solutions can reinforce brand recall and lasting awareness.